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Last updated: 01.10.2010 // Romania was a beneficiary of the Norwegian Cooperation Programme under the European Economic Area (EEA) Enlargement Agreement as of August 1st, 2007. The Norwegian Government made available EUR 48 million for co-financing of projects to contribute to economic growth and sustainable development as well as to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Activities related to business development, innovation, technology transfer and exchange of knowledge between Romanian and Norwegian entities were supported. The administration of this programme was entrusted to Innovation Norway, a state-owned company under the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

 Norway Grants is distinguished from EEA Grants in the way that it was a separate programme operated by a foreign entity (Innovation Norway). The programme was also directed towards private companies in addition to public authorities and NGO’s/social partners. Partnership between at least one Romanian and at least one Norwegian entity were mandatory for all projects. Innovation Norway was also the certifying and paying authority, and payments were made directly from Innovation Norway to the beneficiaries without any intermediaries on the Romanian side.

Norway Grants had one single call for project applications. This was closed on May 31st 2008 for seed money applications and travel support schemes, and on December 31st 2008 for individual projects. A total of 182 project applications were received, consisting of 13 travel support applications, 98 seed money applications and 71 individual projects.

 From the applications, 29 individual projects were approved amounting to Euro 42,224,101, of which Euro 7,830,950 was committed to NGO projects, Euro 18,810,000 to public-entity projects and Euro 14,983,151 was granted to private companies.

The grant value of the approved projects ranged from Euro 105,000 to Euro 4,800,000. In additional a Technical Assistance Fund of Euro 720,000 was allocated to the National Focal Point at the Romanian Ministry of Public Finances as well as a Seed Money Fund (Partnership for Development) of EUR 210,000.

• Energy efficiency – 3 projects approved totaling Euro 4,210,000;

• Health - 5 projects approved totaling Euro 7,899,450;

• Sustainable Production – 14 projects approved totaling Euro 21,905,151;

• Environment – 7 projects approved totaling Euro 8,209,500.

For more information about Norway Grants and news articles about the completed projects, please follow this link www.norwaygrants.org

For the origin of Norway Grants, see the Background section and the Brochure for project details.

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