Norway and Romania

Norway and Romania have a long history of diplomatic relations. They were established as early as 1917, only interrupted by the Second World War and in the years 1988-1990. Norway was one of the first countries to recognize the new regime in Romania after the revolution, and the Norwegian embassy in Bucharest was reopened in the summer of 1990.

Norwegian – Romanian relations are open and friendly, characterized by frequent contacts and a broad exchange of visits. In 1999 King Harald V was the first Norwegian monarch to visit Romania. After the revolution Norway has significantly assisted Romania both in economic and humanitarian terms. This has lead to a widespread cooperation at state, governmental and parliamentary level, as well as close contacts between organizations, business and people in general.

Although Norway and Romania are at the opposite ends of Europe, today's era of integration and co-operation is bringing the two countries closer together. Following Romania's membership processes in NATO and the EU, the bilateral dialogue has intensified even further over the last years. Norway was the first country to ratify Romania's accession agreement to NATO by parliamentary approval in the spring of 2003, and the Norwegian government developed a special framework which supported the country on its way to EU membership in 2007. Today, Norway is Romanias biggest bilateralt donor and contributes significantly to promote social and economic development trough the EEA financial mechanism.  


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